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Hi guys,


I recently switched doctors. I gave him a list of every med I've ever tried and my results. He said based on how I reacted to those that he thinks Fetizma will work better for me. My Celexa is starting to become less effective, so I want to make a switch.


I'm just really scared. I tried to switch to Luvox from Celexa (stopped being effective) last year and it was a nightmare - Luvox didn't work for me and I essentially had no help for a month while my old doctor forced me to wait and see how it made me feel. I cried every day. Had panic attacks. Could barely leave the house. Then my doctor finally relented and let me try something else. I was put on Lexapro. It helped and brought me out of it. But i felt sedated all the time. So I asked to be put back on Celexa. Now 4 months later it's starting to poop out again. 


I can't function without antidepressants. I've been taking them since I was 12. I have OCD, GAD and panic. 


Anyway, curious to know if anyone takes it and how they felt on it? 


I just figured it might make me feel better to read other people's reviews. 


Wish me luck.






Just for a little background...


I've taken:


Effexor - results were ok

Wellbutrin - made me feel crazy

Celexa - worked well for a long time but pooped out

Lexapro - worked but felt sedated.

Luvox - no effect.

Anafranil - made me feel weird. 

Vybriid - terrible side effects; couldn't get past it. 

abilify - made my anxiety worse.

risperdal - made my anxiety worse.

seroquel - made my anxiety worse. 

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