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Zyprexa was awful but I think I want to go back on it.

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Zyprexa was the first anti psychotic that I was put on. I begged to be taken off it because of the massive sugar cravings and the desperate need to eat the whole contents of the fridge every 5 minutes. Of course I put on a lot of weight so I wanted to come off it. I was then put on Seroquel - ironic considering it also causes weight gain. It did nothing for my psychotic symptoms except turn me into a zombie that just wanted to sleep. I'm now on Risperidone and while it's not as bad as Seroquel it too isn't doing much for my psychotic symptoms. Looking back, I realised that apart from the side effects I was stable on the Zyprexa. My symptoms were manageable and I had no hospitalisations - I've had several since being on Seroquel and Risperidone.

Thing is I don't really feel comfortable asking the doctor if I can go back on it as they obviously know more than me. Then again, I'm the one who has to take these meds and I know how I feel when I'm on them.

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable approaching docs about drugs you want to try or go back on?

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