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Hi Everone, I just want to experience my Mdma experience with everyone so that I can get some help.


so this all happened to days back , me and my BF had gone to one place for vacation and on the last day we decided to try mdma cuz he had already tried it once before and he told me it was amazing and he loved it. We scored at night and had mdma and left for the party with a guy friend who we met just one day before cuz his house was ryt next to ours. Wen we reached the party place it was all good we felt very energetic we were sweating nd feeling chills but it was nice we were dancing like crazy. Then after d party was over we went to that friends friends house which was next to ours.. And there also we danced for sometime nd then we decided to leave for our room . On d way i threw away a used paper napkin from my pocket and then he suddenly stopped nd suddenly started searching in the ground nd he told me that he just saw me throwing away drugs from my pocket. After that he was continuously hallucinating that somewas watching us nd he started looking for that person . I tried consoling him that whatever he was thinking wasn't real but he dint seem to listen at all. He kept doing this for next 7-8 hours searching for an imaginary person and looking for the drugs that i hid from him.

i felt so helpless cuz he was acting like a retard in d middle of the road for hours.i had no idea about these things cuz i tried mdna for the first time and i was all fine. Alsohe accused me of havind sex with the friend we went to party with also the imaginary man whereas I was in front of his eyes and nothing of that sort had happened. Later on he took me to our room he locked it and started asking questions about me cheating on him with two guys and then he started beating me up real bad. Trust me ..i hav been with him for four years and I have never seen a face like that. It was d he had no love for me . He kept hitting me for 1 hour till i bled.

i still think of his face that tym i get scared to death .it was like a nightmare . We have never had trust issues or violence issues in four years.i still cant blv a single drug can do this. He felt bad of hitting me the next day but even after 2 days he feels watever he hallucinated was true.

I just want to know if he is always gonna have this doubt of me cheating or he will realize it that he was hallucinatin n nothing was real. Shud he need to go to the doctor.

pls is there anyone who can help me. I love my bf a lot and he is suffering by blving something that's not even true.can anyone answer my questions nd give me advice

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Are you ok? Um I don't know if I can really help but it sounds to me like he experienced/is experiencing drug induced psychosis.

MDMA is a fairly common trigger it seems. It basically means that he should never touch MDMA again, and should treat all substances with caution.

I've experienced psychosis myself before. Not fun. But also have been on the receiving end of a psychotic abusive partner, more importantly, I know you love him an he loves you but hitting you like that is not acceptable..

He needs to go to the nearest doc, explain what happened and go from there. If he doesn't I would worry it could happen again and you could get hurt again..

I can't say weather or not he will realise you didn't cheat and that he was hallucinating but it will probably take a while if he does realise..

Good luck..xxx

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kj5 -

This was your first post to CrazyBoards, so I'll make this simple.

If you're not talking about substance abuse in the context of its relationship to seeking treatment for mental illness, you're in the wrong place.  We're not here to clean up after your party drug mess.  We're a community of people struggling with mental illness, and we take these meds because we have to to be well, not because we want to dance and par-tay and shit. Frankly, it chaps my ass in a huge, huge way to listen to your rant, because my psychiatrist tells me that what I personally need to treat my particularly difficult case is a prescription for bona fide MDMA, but guess what - I can't legally obtain it because of idiots like you and your boyfriend who abuse it until it has to be made legally forbidden.

Secondly - many of us here are autistic. That means you don't get to use the word 'retard' here. It's like using 'faggot' or 'nigger' in other contexts. To us, it's every bit as offensive. Therefore, fuck you yery much.

Thirdly, we have a first-person posting rule here, which means you post about your own problems, not somebody else's. We don't offer second-hand advice.

If all this seems rude to you, consider that you've waltzed into our support site without the slightest understanding of what we're about or how we do things, start offending people left, right and center, confess to criminal (and stupid) activity, and unload all your personal drama on a bunch of internet strangers. WTF?

If you end up with a mental health diagnosis yourself, by all means come back; otherwise I recommend you take advantage of the real-time local medical services available to you.

Very seriously, and particularly if you believe your boyfriend might repeat his violent behavior, use caution in being in situations alone with him until he has an opportunity to be medically evaluated. The reality is that the street-sourced "MDMA" you both 'scored' could have contained God knows what. One of the biggest problems with illicit Ecstasy or'Molly' is that it's often laced with other substances - if it's actually MDMA at all. Dope peddlers are not known for their scruples.



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Cerberus said it all, and well.  I'm exercising my duty as a mod on this forum and locking this thread so that it goes no further.

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