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Does anyone else get this? How do you cope?

My hands shake really badly now, mostly when I'm trying to do fine motor stuff.

Ever since I went up to 1500mg my handwriting has gone to hell too. I can barely write a cheque.  

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There are meds that help with the tremor, so that if it is really working for you, you don't have to give it up. Unfortunately, I don't remember what meds they are, but you can tell your pdoc.

I get a periodic tremor that is so bad my hand is practically flapping. However, it only happens now and then, rarely enough that I am not really a candidate for an anti-tremor med.

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I take 10 mg of propranolol twice a day for this, no tremors.  I can even do fine jewelry work.  Depending on my lithium dose I have taken up to 20 mg three times a day, but this isn't necessary anymore.  I love it.  Has the lovely side effect of making it impossible to get worked up over stupid stuff because your blood pressure just won't move, and it also has virtually eliminated my migraines.  Hope it works for you!

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