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Geodon Absorption And Half Life

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One of my pdocs suggested we try geodon(ziprasidone) cuz of the weight gain.
I read that it requires food to achieve maximum absorption.
My question is what happens if i occasionally eat low calorie dinner. Will i face fluctuations in absorption ? Will it bring back my psychotic symptoms ? Anybody face similar problems ?  I hate the fact that it needs food to be absorbed. I won't know for sure if today I'm going to be having a 500 calorie dinner or not. If its low calorie dinner, won't the blood levels of geodon fluctuate ?
Also due to its short half life, it needs to be taken twice a day. Does it work if you take all of the dose at bedtime without bringing back the symptoms ? I read if you take the entire dose at 10pm, then some people start getting their psychotic symptoms back the next day at 4-5pm. Any thoughts ?
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I'm not currently on Geodon, but I was for over 10 years.

The data for how much and what type of food to eat when you take Geodon varies from source to source.  My personal opinion was that I should just try to eat the same amount of food each time so that it would absorb at the same, consistent rate.  That is hard to do if you take it with dinner, but I took it in the morning when I got up, and then again at bedtime, so it was easy to eat the same thing each time.

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I never knew about eating with Geodon, and it could very well be that the food requirement is in question. Plus, I was only on it a week, and it made me super agitated, so I didn't have time to think about calories. With Latuda, you *have* to take it with 350 calories. It doesn't matter whether the calories are from healthy food or junk food. I struggled with that a little, but found that it was easiest for me to take it at dinner, because I knew I would eat enough.

Do you know how many calories you are supposed to eat with the Geodon? Maybe you could have a scoop of ice cream, or something like that, if you need an easy boost to your calories.

Another way some people get calories is to drink those "meal in a shake" things, like Ensure. If you try that, remember, the colder the shake is, the better it will taste.

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I tried Geodon a few times. The first time I was very manic and it did nothing. That didn't matter though because I couldn't afford it at the time anyway. I believe it requires 500 calories, at least that's what I was told. To be fair I didn't eat that much with it that time. 

The next time I was in a state hospital and really gave the Med a fair chance. I ate enough with it. I was on it for many months at doses as high as 240 mg. I took it twice a day then once a day. Finally it was determined that I needed a switch because I was still psychotic and my mood was unstable. I was put on abilify and was discharged maybe as soon as a month later. Which was a miracle. I had been there a year. 

It just did nothing for me. I liked the idea of it being weight neutral. And that's why I tired it a few times. 

I hope it works better for you. Good luck!

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