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Bipolar? Who knew?

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Hello I  Just started this site today. I have read a few topics in the past I thought maybe I can get some answers from people who maybe went through what I am going through now.

Well years ago approx. 8 years I went thru a horrible divorce at one point I was anorexic.i was given all these type of medications for anxiety fast forward  i was diagnose Bipolar Paranoid manic ( not sure if that is the correct way to say it). Well I was given to types of medications: Oxcarbezepine 300 mg (twice per day) and when ever I feel I am going to have an attack I am suppose to take  Hydroxyzine HCL 25 mg 

The Hydroxyzine causes extreme drowsiness I litter y fall asleep at work this pill gives me no energy. I do not want to take this pill anymore 

I called my psychiatrist,  and I left a message I would like to take the Oxcarbezepine three times per day I feel much better with this medication. Does any one take this medication three times per day? I am hoping my psychiatrist responds to my message.... 

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I don't think your can just switch out Hydroxyzine (I'm going to call it Vistaril, its brand name, because it is easier to spell) for Oxycarbamenzapine. They are two different classes of medication. Vistaril is an antihistamine used for anxiety, and Oxycarbamenzapine is an anticonvulsant used as a mood stabilizer. It is true in general that when your mood is stable, you are less anxious, But if you are experiencing extraneous or sporadic anxiety, there are other PRNs you can take, some of which won't make you sleepy, others which only make some people sleepy (i.e., you yourself may not get sleepy).

I am bipolar, but also have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), so I have to treat each as a separate entity.


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Welcome to CrazyBoards.

I'm going to assume you're taking Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) and not Tegretrol (carbamazepine).  If that is the case, you are on a relatively low dose of Trileptal at 600mg, so adjusting that is certainly something you could explore with your psychiatrist.  I take 1200mg as 600mg twice a day, which works well for me. 

However, crtclms hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that adding more Trileptal won't necessarily target the additional anxiety that you're experiencing. If I were in your position I would definitely raise the issue you are having with the Hydroxyzine with your doctor, and ask to look into other PRN anxiolytics that won't interfere with your functioning by making you so drowsy.

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Thank you crtclms and MiaB for your input. My Psychiatrist  will be in his office today hopefully I will get some answers. I Oxcarbazephine I can really focus  and thinking clearly now . Its slows my brain before I was going 100 miles an hour! 

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