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Went to the doctor today...

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I finally went to the doctor today and did an assessment. They want me to see the pdoc twice next month and start doing 3-4 1 on 1 talk therapy sessions with the tdoc next month, both starting next week. I'm not really sure I want to do the therapy. It seems like a waste of time (and money).

Is seeing just a pdoc good enough to make a diagnosis and figure out which medicines I need to be on (along with the initial assessment I did)?

I'm currently on lexapro 10mg for anxiety, panic, and depression prescribed by my gen. prac and want to get a real diagnosis. I think there could be more to it, like ADHD or some form of mild bipolar.

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medications can help a lot.

but in my opinion, medications + therapy is the magic combination.

if you can afford it, even for a short time, try the pdoc and tdoc combination.

pdocs usually don't have the time (or are too expensive to spend the time with) to really get into your psyc issues.  and tdocs have different training.

after years of just seeing pdocs, i did my best progress during the year i was seeing both a pdoc and a tdoc. 

meds can help with symptoms, but tdocs help you work through the issues underneath the chemical issues, and help you to learn how to function better when your meds are stabilized.

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