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Any experiences with desipramine?

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Well, how I reacted to it may be totally different for you. It was prescribed for depression, this was before I was accurately dx'd as BP, so i was taking it without a mood stabilizer. Pretty much from the first dose, I couldn't sleep, mind racing, yep, a step into hypo/mania. What I really remember is about 3 or 4 days into it, it must have really kicked in, there was a sudden sensation of ice water being poured from my scalp to my spine. Sorry, not trying to be a drama queen, I've been through my fair share of meds, this was the wildest. Stopped it a couple of days after. 

I hope that doesn't scare you away, it's certainly worth a try, anyway. 

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I was prescribed it for OCD awhile back.  It didn't help much, and AFAIK I remember didn't have any side effects.  I wasn't on it for very long, but I did give it about 2 months to see if it did help.

Was prescribed anafranil after that, which helped a lot better.

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