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When even Lorazepam can't numb it

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Depressed, depressed, depressed, depressed, depressed, depressed, started Cipralex, still kind of depressed, started Cipralex and Wellbutrin, not so depressed anymore. Depressed. So fucking depressed. Everything is kind of shit, so no surprises there. $-1,700 in the bank and I was paid less than 24 hours ago. Loser partner. Kids are ASD, APD, DCD, ADHD. Go to school full-time. Also doing a co-op right now. Work 20 hours a week at a place that's the dictionary's example of workplace harassment. In-laws attempting to control our lives. Taking several Lorazepams a day these last few days just to keep me from falling apart. Probably not a good idea. Anyone available to fix my life? All I need is $50,000 (or more), a divorce and hook-up with a decent man/woman who actually likes children, graduate with honours (or just graduate), a full-time job with benefits at a place that isn't worse than high school was, and someone who thinks my kids are as incredible as I do. That's it. That's all I need. Maybe some more Lorazepam. Thanks.

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What is your dose of lorazepam?  Would it possible to talk to pdoc about increasing it?

Do you have a therapist?  Your life seems very stressful to me, and having someone to talk it out to can really help.  They also might have resources that could help you in some way/s. 

Glad you posted here to get more feedback.

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