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Please help acute and tardive violent neuroleptic induced akathisia

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Dear member's
I need some advice about (neuroleptic) halodeperial induced akathisia.
My mother suffered frontotemporal dementia illness. She's 71 years old. She has some hallusulations and psycosis due to the FTD.
Approx 4 months ago she became very aggressive and she suffered insomnia. The doctor's gave her risperidone, ketiapin (seraquel) , xanax, diazem, ativan (lorezepam) alternately during the four months period.
But these drug's are not to be successful for controlling aggressive behaviour. and insomnia.
After then the Doctor's gave her 2 x 5 mg halodoperial (norodol) tablet for controlling her behaviour.
After taking halodoperial 4 week; she catched halodoperial induced akathisia and dystonia on her neck muscle. She took Cogentin against EPS for 4 day period. but cogentin was harmful her mental skills. She left it. Her akathisia very violent. She walks in the house continually approx 18 hours in a day.
She never sit. She never rest. She always walk.
She also eat meals if and only if during the walking movement.
When the sleeping (night time) time come; we give her imovane (zopiclone), melatonin and 150 mg seraquel mixture; also this drugs can help her only 6 -7 hours sleeping time in one day.
Fronto temporal dementia and dystonia is not so important; but akatisia and her restlesness walking is very hurtful.
How can we stop akathisia syndrome ?
She walks about 40 kilometres per day. The neurologist doctor gave her amantadine (PK-MERZ) pills, tetrabenazine (xenazine pills) and also propranolol (dideral) pills, benadryl and cyropheptadine syrup alternately against controlling akathisia.
But these drugs couldn't control her akathisia. She never sit a chair only more than 0ne-two second during the all day time. Is there anyone who knows akathisia drug?
Could you please advice a drug for controlling akathisia.
I am afraiding of She may became anorexic ; She eats very hardly. because of walking consistently.
I heard clonidine drug Its trade name is catapress. Medical literature says clonidine may help to treat akathisia symptoms.
Would any one suggest us a akathisia recipe and also about using clonidine ?
I am afraid potential bad side effect of clonidine.
Thanks in advance for your comments.
I am lokking forward your advices.
Best regards.
Mustafa Sönmez

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Hi. We're a first-person site. That means that you can talk about you and your crazy as much as you want, but not about your mum and her issues. There are other sites for that.

I'm going to lock this thread.



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