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I went to see my pdoc yesterday. I told her that some friends like Bob were back, to which she asked me if Bob was real. I said he talks to me, and she said "Lets raise your Haldol just a little... Maybe 9mg?" (I was on 8mg) She had me hold out my hands and checked my arms, I guess for the stiffness Haldol can cause. But I said I wanted off of it, and could we try Invega? (because I was under the impression that it was the only med out there that treats SZA) So she discontinued my Haldol, and my Wellbutrin as Invega is apparently known to lower seizure threshold if taken with Wellbutrin. So I start today on the Invega, and I was wondering... Has it worked for anyone else? Are there any side effects anyone has had?

And as a side note... Last time I was IP, my pdoc there didn't believe me. If my current pdoc didn't believe I have SZA, she wouldn't have prescribed more meds, would she? Because IP they were tapering me off of them. I asked my pdoc if she agreed with that doctor right after I saw her when I got out of IP, and she said no, and wrote down SZA in my chart. I hope it hasn't changed and she still believes me... 

Also, what dose did you start on? And what dose do you take now? How long before you saw any benefits?

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I just started on Invega while in hospital a week and a half ago, first at 3mg then 6mg. I guess it worked, because I'm not manic anymore, and some of the delusions I was having are gone. Not 100% yet though. I wasn't hallucinating so can't say anything about its effectiveness there. 

I'm having stiffness in my hands that makes it difficult to type and also - TMI, but you asked about side effects - some lactation. At the moment I'll willing to put up with it, but I'm getting my prolactin levels checked soon to see if I can safely stay on it. 

It took me forever to find a pharmacy that would fill this script, by the way. Is this a new drug?

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I was on it for a while. I took 6 mg to begin with I'm pretty sure. Ended up on 12 mg. I found it somewhat helpful as it eased the voices a little bit and I had no weight gain at all. Unfortunately I was too freaked out that I'd start lactating. I was obsessed with this worry and couldn't think of anything else hardly. I may have had the beginnings of it but I'm not sure if that was real or not. I researched prolactin and lactaion pretty much non stop. I just did not do well I guess with it. 

I also recently was tried on risperdal. I was full blown manic at the time and it did absolutely nothing to squash the mania. I just kept getting worse and eventually ended up IP where they put me on seroquel again.

Of course YMMV. I hope it helps you out and that you do well with it. 

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I am afraid of that side effect, Cheese. However, Risperdal didn't do that to me, so I'm hoping it doesn't happen with this one either. I don't want to go any higher than 6mg. I am hoping this will be effective enough.

So sorry you had to go through that. That really sucks. I hope you are doing better now. And thank you for the well wishes.

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