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Meditation or Distraction?

Meditation vs Distraction  

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  1. 1. When everything is falling apart, what's more stabilizing and helpful for you?

    • Meditation
    • Distraction

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When everything is falling apart, what's more stabilizing and helpful for you?

It came up in a convo with a tdoc, and was generally left up to me, so I'm curious what has been the general experience here.  The meditation was a calming, centering environment.

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I'd say both

If I'm struggling with a life dilemma, an ultimate decision, meditation can help me access my unconscious self by removing any mental strain that would cloud my concious mind. Henceforth, by meditating that will in it self contribute to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in any life affairs that I might be going through at that point in time.

If its depression, I would likely say distractions (manic me is usually distracted and can't meditate:P). Engage in more learning, to stop my brain from shutting down completely. Practising the ability for my brain to process crystallised intelligence will only further my recovery and help me make the right decisions because at the end the only reason why I would choose treatment if I am depressed is because my part of my brain that process crystallised intelligence says that the treatment will likely work, where as my melancholic self says 'nothing will work'. To summarise, keeping my brain active while being depressed is vital for helping me make the right choices and avoid anything in terms of 'goodbye cruel world'.    

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I put meditation but I think it is both for me.  If everything is falling apart I try to calm down and relax, but not with meditation.  That would make it worse for me (meditation stresses me out).  I also try to distract if there is nothing I can do about anything. 

If I can't change the situation in any way, then I part distract my mind, and part try to relax in some way (sometimes with meds).

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