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Cymbalta and bleeding gums

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Ever since I started my antidepressant (Cymbalta) 2 years ago, my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth. Apparently, it is a side effect. I had to increase my dosage 2 months ago, and the bleeding got much worse. It is disheartening to spit out as much blood as I have been lately. It is also a brutal reminder of the fact that I am chemically dependant on a pill that has many side effects.

Yesterday, I bought a new toothbrush. A Dr. Collins PERIO brush from CVS. It is designed with different bristles for mouth sensitivity and those with mouth injury. It feels like I am brushing with a velvet cloth! I've brushed twice since yesterday with NO BLEEDING! I am so excited. It is funny how sometimes the smallest thing can put you in a good mood. My mouth feels great and doesn't taste like blood. That feels so great. Just had to share. Anyone else have any bleeding associated with their meds?


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I hope it is ok to post here ... I don't have bleeding gums from a med, just some advice for bleeding gums:

I'm glad you found something that works!

At one point my gums were bleeding from something, didn't know what, but they were constantly bleeding.

When I had a dentist appt, I told her about it and she said to floss every day and it would all disappear; it would just stop.  I'm thinking yeah, right.  But I hated when my gums bled so I gave it a shot ... brushed and flossed my teeth one time a day, and within a week the bleeding stopped.  So ever since then I have flossed every day with no return of the bleeding ... been almost 6 months.

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