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For those of you who have schizoaffective, which of your symptoms came first? Was it the depression/mania which then slid into psychosis? Or did the psychosis come first and the depression and mania much later? Or did they all happen at once? For me it was the psychotic symptoms which started off very gradually over the course of a year or so and became worse as time went on.

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For me it was a life long struggle and now that I know that ive finally gotten the right diagnose I can look back and make sense of my disorder. I hallucinated as a child 5=6 years old. I cycled depression then mania. my first major episode started with hearing hallucination, 10months later I am smelling, feeling and oral hallucinations where I had a french accent. I self medicated and we all thought I was an alcoholic. thanks to mental health stepping in and a 3week stay in the hospital I finally got the right meds. 

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