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Continuing or sequential dreama

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Anyone else get this?

last night I had a dream that was a "next episode" in a dream I had at least a year or more ago. It is too complex to try to describe with words. 

Its not a recurring dream or a nightmare that plays over and over.

The extra cool bit is once I figured out it was a continuation, I was lucid dreaming so I got to "consciously" explore the dream.

brains are weird.


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According to my girlfriend, I'm on a circus theme. I don't remember it in the slightest, but about four separate times over the past two weeks, I've woken her up in the middle of the night to describe aspects of the circus that I'm at and/or problems at the circus and/or animals from the circus. My dreams have seriously al been circus-themed and quite strange. And yet I have no memory of the whole thing.

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