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Lamotrigine - dose vs blood level

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Hi everyone (especially those on the LOLcats threads!). Long time. 

Was wondering about something. I'm on 500mg of Lamotrigine as the mainstay of my treatment. I believe this is quite a high dose. I've recently moved - new pdoc - who took a Lamotrigine blood level. I forget the units, but he said he aims for a therapeutic level of 30 - 40. Mine is only 11.

So if a max dose is considered around 600mg, however am I going to reach a "therapeutic level"?

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Well, as far as I understand it, with Lamictal there's not a "magic number" like there is with Lithium and that your dose is pretty much based on how you feel. I know there are people on the boards who are on all different doses. So if your dose is working for you, that's what counts. But you can still have a conversation about this with your pdoc to find out where he is coming from so you guys can work together on this.

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