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30 min for Ativan to kick in!?

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How long does it take you for Ativan to kick in? Because it strikes me that needing to take it 40 min before the stressor is a bit ridiculous. Plus it gets hard to time it. I'm thankful that it works when it does finally start working but those first ten minutes are obnoxious... 

Does it work any quicker for you? Or is that just how long it takes?

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Haven't taken ativan but for me, putting valium or xanax under the tongue instead of swallowing makes it kick in a lot faster. Xanax (generic) truly is the worst tasting thing I have ever experienced but I was willing to take it under the tongue in emergencies when the panic attack was really bad and/or if I had no water around. Valium (generic) is pretty bland and just chalky, for me at least.

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