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Bipolar Ii and borderline?

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My psychologist and I have been talking and she was thinking I was borderline this whole time but after charting my major moods for the past couple of years it's evident that I have periods of hypo mania and low depressions. Could I be both? I go back and see her in a couple of weeks and I see my pdoc next month as well. Funnily enough I'm taking an abnormal psychology class right now, we had to read memoirs for extra credit assignments. I read the Buddha and the borderline and the unquiet mind . I see many characteristics of myself in both of these books. Currently my diagnosis is mood disorder nos. that's because my doctors hadn't looked at the overall moods for the past two years. I'm on geodon, buspar, trazadone, and Effexor. Been on several others(seroquel, Wellbutrin, Ativan, Prozac ...others that I can't remember ) just curious if anyone has heard of or,now if anyone that has both? 

P.s. I know labels aren't the important part. But I would like to know what is going on within myself. That way I can discuss frankly with my doctors.

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BPD and BP are often comorbid. It is pretty common. I'm considered to have "borderline traits ("traits" as opposed to just flat out having BPD)." I have no idea what that actually means in terms of my prognosis or treatment, but it was a diagnosis I got from a pdoc I trust.

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My old pdoc tried to change my diagnosis to BPD because I was cuttin while being depressed which wasn't 'normal' for bipolar according to him ...He took me off my meds and he was wrong when I spoke with the personality disorder team. According to them there's no way I have BPD..because of my 'inflated self-worth' or some other freud shit.

 I told my newer pdoc that cuttin to me is like Russian roulette ..I don't hate myself, I think I'm a pretty awesome guy.

Hell, I look sexy in the mirror..I just lose my motivation, feel so lethargic and worry about not being the best at what I do that makes me sometimes  wanting to end it all and at the same time its so hard hence I play the dice and see what happens. Thankfully my newer pdoc understands perfectly what bipolar is...plus if psychiatrist tries to change a bipolar diagnosis with previous confirmed manic psychotic episodes to a personality disorder needs their licence revoked! 

I suppose its different for you since you already have BPD and your pdoc thinks you are bipolar as well. All I have to say is good luck...

I just wanna point out if you are bipolar usually SSRI's would sky rocket your mood high up if you don't take a mood stabilizer.

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I was originally diagnosed with bipolar II and then had BPD added not too long after.  There's always been a little uncertainty about which one played more of a role in my life, not that labels are super important.  Last week, my pdoc told me in no uncertain terms that my main issue is the BPD, which I kinda already knew.  I still don't know if I'm really bipolar.  Maybe I never will.

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