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Why should I care that Charlie Sheen is HIV+?

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I think that most folks are uneducated and have a gut sense that HIV = death sentence via miserable suffering within the decade. After all, there's been a whole lot of scare mongering over the years. Not to mention that... what if he got it from a DUDE!? Man-on-man sex is still stigmatized.

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I have a friend who was diagnosed HIV+  back in the 80s.  He lives on SSDI and has NO money and gets his meds and tries to live a healthy lifestyle.  You don't have to be rich to survive AIDS.  There are assistance programs you can tap into and you need a good supplement to your Medicare, but it can be done.

As for Charlie Sheen---well, I don't understand anyone having unprotected sex in this day and age.  This ain't the 60s, so you are risking it all when you have sex without protection.  I just hope he didn't infect a lot of other people after he got it.


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I just watched the interview from the Today show and I feel bad for him.No-it's not a life sentence.But I'm sure it's pretty emotionally devastating and life altering. I fully support Charlie.I hope some good can come from him coming out.

*Eta- I meant it's not a death sentence 

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The reason he announced it was that he was being blackmailed. It is just news because he is a celebrity. I don't know if he is opening himself up to lawsuits depending on who he told and when he knew.

I am agreeing with Olga on this.

You don't need to be rich to get HIV treatment and it is pretty effective now.I met someone who is doing well who is low income. 





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