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Getting sick during a hypo/manic episode

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Anyone have experience with this? How did it go for you?

For me, I was in the midst of a serious hypo episode that was moving toward manic, if it wasn't already there.

Then, bam! I got strep throat. I couldn't do a damn thing.

I spent the better part of three days in bed. I'd try to get up and do something, and I'd be drained in 5 minutes or less.

I thought it had knocked the mania away, but I was still having meltdowns that felt agitated but were negative. Mainly about my mothering skills. My youngest had pink eye and wouldn't let me clean his eyes, and I felt it was because he didn't trust me because I'm a horrible mom. It was worsened by the fact that he eventually kind of let my husband do it. 

As soon as that fever and the dizziness from the secondary ear infection subsided, I was up and doing like crazy again. It's like I never left the episode.

So I'm curious as to what others' experience might be.

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It seems to me (SEEMS) that when you are in an episode, you immune system is going to be kind of wacky. I get sick constantly when I'm depressed. And while I know depression isn't mania, I suspect that as far as your body is concerned, and episode is and episode.

This is what I think. I don't have anything peer reviewed, so take it with a big handful of salt.

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I get sick more when I'm depressed, but during any kind of episode my self-care habits go to hell, eating first. I lose my appetite when I'm manic, and I also lose it when I'm depressed. Sudden precipitous weigh drops are not conducive to health.

Edit: And neither is not sleeping, which is a big problem for me when I'm hypo/manic.

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