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I don't know what to do anymore

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I was recently prescribed Strattera 60mg to help with concentration and a little with motivation. Well, I still find myself struggling with productivity and motivation every single day.

A typical day looks like this: I wake up, I take Strattera and Lithium in the AM. I stay in bed for about an hour mainly to let the Strattera kick in. Unfortunately, I still feel tired, nonfunctional and unmotivated all throughout the rest of the day. Lithium only helps with my moods, so I don't expect it to do anymore. But it takes me all day to finally take a shower and sometimes I don't! If I am productive, I work part-time because it's all I can handle right now, so I'm home the majority of the time. So, working 4-5x/week is kind of a struggle because of the mornings but I need an income of a sort. My evenings are fairly bording, unproductive and mostly spent at home with my family. I usually can't wait until the night comes so that I can just take the rest of my cocktail and go to bed. There's nothing active or fun or worthwhile in between this time period. It's all mostly spent suffering over my condition.

This has been a 6 year battle. Is anyone facing anything similar to this? If so, how do you deal with it? I need a solution to feeling better!

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I take my lithium all at night. I wouldn't say it makes me sleepy per se, I guess maybe more relaxed? Could you try taking it at night? 

FWIW, my teenage son was on straterra, and he had to take it at night, it knocked him out. 

Something sounds amiss, perhaps time for another opinion? 

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I think it could be depression too. But also wonder if you are that tired all day have you had a good physical lately or a sleep study performed? 

I have a psychotic disorder and need provigil (a stimulant Med) in order to be barely awake all day. I still need naps some days. But without the provigil I sleep 20 hours a day. Literally I can't wake up.

 I had sleep studies and have sleep apnea along with narcolepsy/hypersomnia. 

I hope you don't have any sleep disorders but it couldn't hurt to ask your dr about a sleep study and a good physical. I know how freaking awful it is to sleep 90% of the day away, day after day after day.

I tried Ritalin and it fueled a manic episode to the point of hospitalization. 

But it is possible to work with your dr's and find a solution to the tiredness and depression. 

Good luck to you!

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I haven't had a physical in a while, but I doubt that that would help - only because I know it's because of my medication and my condition. I'm heading to the Mayo Clinic in January so I'm looking forward to that. Idk, but to be quite frank no one seems to have answers (which may not be your fault, because we all are struggling with something), but really I'm frustrated and have run into this problem countless times. Nonetheless, thanks for everyone's input!

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