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help my friend... please

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READERS, this might be long so.

i'm posting on behalf of my friend who couldn't bring herself to post online.
Let me give you a brief background on her. She's 21, studying in a university(law) (decent middle class family, good education & friend circle). Im just trying to let you form a better image.of her.

one of her relatives used to touch her chest.. through the shirt when she was 6-7. She only realized this years later now. She has been cutting quite frequently.. including ankle, back, shoulder arms etc. According to her, she's masochistic. Also, for recreation purposes, she drinks sometimes/does drugs like weed or shrooms. Also,She confided these experiences in her best friend only for later finding herself molested by this best friend. This has aggravated her issues.. She feels as though she can't tell anyone about.

Yes, she has tried counselling and other concerned "help" utilities with no fruitful solution. 

Why she didnt come online posting it here or somewhere else? According to her, posting online would " make it seem truer?"

She does accept all of it though. All of the stuff that is going on , having said that she's scared.

Now, i know you might be suggesting going after the males involved but that's redundant, and of no use.

She's smart, She's intelligent for sure. But i can understand how it must feel when you feel alone and helpless not knowing if you'll be able to keep yourself alive through it all. 

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So, I understand that you're trying to help your friend and that's awesome. However, we're a first person site, and it's not okay for you to be here for a variety of reasons. Your friend is free to lurk, or to make their own account.

I understand how posting makes things more real. That's a part of its power and one of the reasons why we exist - because it's only when things become real that we can work to change them. It's really powerful and your friend deserves care and support. 


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