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Why am I still suicidal daily with Effexor and Luvox?

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Hey guys,

    I've been taking Effexor 300mg and Luvox 250mg for 3+ months. The doctor told me I am stable. However, I still experience suicidal thoughts a few times a day on a daily basis.

I feel tired and fatigued daily from side effects. What could be wrong?? Is this normal?

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14 minutes ago, Southern Discomfort said:

Do you think you might feel emotionally crappy being of fatigue?

Yes, I do. I feel being fatigued daily affects me negatively. The reason is that I have to take frequent naps throughout the day and I feel I don't have enough energy to

go outside and by 9pm I feel so tired I have to go to bed.

Am I suicidal because of having little/low energy then?

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38 minutes ago, Southern Discomfort said:

Hard to say, it's probably a contributing factor though. If it's bothering you too much maybe a change to an activating antidepressant is something to consider. Have you got a crisis plan in place? A professional to talk to if you think you're going to act on your thoughts?

I booked an appointment to see my pdoc on monday. 

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I have read somewhere that effexor can cause suicidal thoughts/ideation. Both times i was on it was pretty unbearable for me, caused psychosis, and I was taken off of it shortly after. I wish I had a source to give you, but I read it over 6 years ago. However, I do frequent medical websites for health related information so I know the information is usually sound. 

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