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Schizophrenia, all the cool kids have it. I had  10 or so of the side effects on invega, max dose and still heard voices and strange ideas. I was capable of doing 5 or so things a day such as eat at mcdonalds or take a 20 min bike ride. My psych tweaked one of 5 scripts a month for 3 yrs but it never worked and finally my dang psych just ordered a blood test. My results were bad. All 10 things raised by invega were above normal. Minor things like blood sugar or female milk producing hormones. So it stunk mentally and physically. 

As a result he finally agreed to change me to Latuda 3 months ago. I've got the worst case of bi-polar now plus voices constantly telling me that I need to rain justice upon the evil doers with biblical vengeance. Today, I stood on a street corner and yelled at cars that narrowly missed people in the cross walk. Drivers on cell phones, drivers not using a turn signal, people accelerating thru a blind turn into the cross walk. I wanted to chase em all down. The voices demanded me to do it. It's also the 1st time I got out of bed in 4 days. Then I came home and cleaned my place for 5 hrs, the voices constantly saying I missed a spot. I must of rubbed every inch of the toilet like 3x. Now I won't be embarrassed if by some miracle I let company come over.

It doesn't seem like either med does a thing and you get all the nasty, debilitating side effects. Ugh. I see my psych again in 3 weeks and might need to change again. Yuck.

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