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Can ideas stay ideas and not become delusions?

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My delusions generally start with particular ideas and obsessions, the kind that are emotionally potent. As an artist I need ideas that I feel deeply about and strong obsessions really do feed into my work as well. I create using both, but I also don't want them to destroy my wellbeing like they have in the past.

Any thoughts on how to keep something an idea and not let it form into delusion?

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That's a hard one!

If I get delusional, it starts out as what others may call "odd" or "paranoid" obsessions about ideas or other people. I can't think of anything else literally. I try to distract as best I can.

I'm currently struggling with this obsession stuff (although it's not paranoid or delusional IMO).

i think if you catch it early and reality check a lot maybe it could stay an idea. Med adjustments and extra therapy may help it stay an idea too. Along with education about your illness. Thought stopping...where if a thought comes up you just picture a stop sign and let it go. And finally maybe repeated phrases to yourself ("it's just a delusion. It's just paranoia and a delusion.") 

I've never successfully stopped ideas from becoming delusional but I am trying right now. Tdoc has suggested some of the above to me at different times. Other things I've picked up along the way. 

Good luck and I hope this helps keep the ideas ideas. 

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yeah that is a hard one

as fellow artist/crafter type ppl (if we may), we sympathize

we think perhaps adequate channeling of the idea and its energy into the Creative Process

in a Rigorous Fashion might curtail the culmination of delusion making?

for example from our own experience:

we were obsessing over the Bauhaus (who wouldn't, right?)

and it turned several...corners...into..."we are time-traveling to/from the Bauhaus" etc


we were able to keep the idea (and OK the delusion) within specific parameters

by intensely and obsessively studying and recreating the weaving and other designs that came out of the Bauhaus

does that help? make any sense? or are we just babbling again?

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