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I know for me, my first diagnosis didn't start out as SZA. I also know that diagnosis isn't as important as the symptoms being treated, but I'm curious as to what your previous diagnoses were (if you have previous ones).

For me, I started with  Mood Disorder NOS and Anxiety, then it changed to Psychosis NOS, then Paranoid Schizophrenia, and now it's Schizoaffective -- Depressive Type. Although, on some papers they still have it down as schizophrenia. I also was diagnosed with EDNOS, and they're considering a DID diagnosis.

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ADD -> cyclothymia + ADD -> bipolar NOS + ADD + GAD -> bipolar 1 + ADD -> bipolar 1 (treatment resistant*) + ADD -> SZA, bipolar type (treatment resistant also) + ADD 


*tdoc told me about the treatment resistance, no idea until last year

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Then SZA depressive type.

My other diagnoses have been relatively stable - ADHD, autism, borderline personality disorder, PTSD. I'm not sure that I have all of those but I at least have the symptoms and treatment's been helpful across the board. Except for ADHD, because everyone is against giving me medication for ADHD.

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depression, single episode, w/ hints of GAD (not a full-fledged diagnosis)

depression, recurrent, w/ hints of GAD (still not a full-fledged diagnosis)

bipolar NOS and GAD (bumped up to a full diagnosis by this point)

back to depression, recurrent and GAD

back to bipolar NOS and GAD

current: bipolar I, w/ psychotic features (very, very infrequently--only when an episode is triggering, for now); GAD; some mild hints of ADHD, but my pdoc thinks that might just be the GAD acting up

I had some characteristics of PTSD along the way, but never enough for a full-fledged diagnosis. It was post experiencing a drug raid with SWAT team, FBI, police, etc. at graduate school.

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BP (type?)/possible Borderline, then SZA or BP (presumably with psychotic features), then working dx BP (again, presumably with psychotic features) 'but I wouldn't argue with someone who said SZA'.  

I meet the diagnostic criteria of SZA, but 'order my thoughts like someone who is BP'.  

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bipolar (type unspecified) / mood disorder NOS -> then I ditched psychiatry and medications for a decade -> severe OCD -> very briefly, bipolar II and OCD  -> currently, bipolar I and OCD

It's a mystery that my first psychiatrist missed the very obvious OCD diagnosis. 

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