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When should abilify be taken ?

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Last time i tried abilify 15mg at bedtime, it was making me super tired even till the next day. So taking it at bedtime did not help with tiredness.

Now i want to try abilify 10mg again, but I'm confused if it should be taken in the morning or at night.

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I take it in the morning now because the tiredness doesnt affect me anymore.  I used to take it at night (higher dose) because it made me tired.  Pdoc decreased the dose, and I tried taking it in the morning with success (wasn't tired after taking it).

To answer your question though, you won't know until you try.  I'd also talk to your pdoc about it.

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11 hours ago, jt07 said:

Talk to your doctor. I suspect that, due to its long half life, it won't matter a whole lot when you take it. It's not like it will wear off or anything like that.

Yea, that's what i thought. With half life of 3 days, it wont matter when i take it.

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21 hours ago, Southern Discomfort said:


I was under the impression that aripiprazole is a stimulating antipsychotic and should be taken in the morning.

When I started it, then got up t0 45 mg, it made me so sleepy.  Years later the tiredness didn't affect me, so I started taking it in the mid-morning, without a problem.

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