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This could probably go on every forum on here.  lol.   Maybe it should be posted to a more general forum. 

As many of us do I get bouts of dry mouth.   Severe like the Saharan Desert severe.  Severe like glue in my mouth.   I dont know what glue tastes like but you get the picture.

I have found a few things that work but really would like to find out what works for you. 

So far I have found the following helpful:

Pickles, gum, sour candy, cold water, really cold water and mints.

Looking forward to finding out what works for you.


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Dry mouth isn't just annoying and icky.  It can really contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

Dry mouth products are expensive, so I no longer buy them.  However, my favorite on-the-go ones are the ACT lozenges and Biotene spray.  In terms of sugar free stuff, xylitol is good. 

Also, sipping water and cutting back on caffeine has helped a bit, but I am still majorly in need of a dentist.


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