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Heya.. So yesterday I was prescribed lexapro... And I've never been on this kind of medication before. I'm really hesitant and nervous about starting it tomorrow, I've never liked taking pills, and to be honest I'm just a bit scared of how it's going to affect me... 

I guess I just want some sort of reassurance or advice really... ?

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Just now, melissaw72 said:

^^I agree. 

Or they might not. I was on a combination of wellbutrin and lexapro which left me with a case of permanent tinnitus. And like every other medication for depression I've ever taken, they did absolutely nothing.

They're not "pretty much harmless," they're powerful medications that affect people in different ways. The proper answer is that there isn't any way to know how you'll react until you've taken them. They might help. They might not. You might have side effects. They might go away. They might last long after you took your last dose.

The best source of information for possible side effects is the prescribing information. It's like any other medication. You have to look at the risk, and determine if the potential reward merits what might go wrong.

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Best to take meds one day at a time. You're likely to experience some side effects... some will go away, others might not. With meds it's always a balance of benefits versus side effects.

With lexapro in particular, my main side effect with akathisia... a kind of awful, restless, crawling out of your skin feeling. It decreased over time.

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Lexapro made me tired at first, but as time went on, I had to start taking it in the morning. I had some minor side effects, dry mouth, stuff like that. Drowsiness. You'll feel physically better before you start feeling mentally better, and it can take 4-8 weeks for it to fully work. I'm still on it. It's good.

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