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bipolar an hyperbole

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I noticed that im guilty of hyperbole. maybe. i been called a drama queen, i get pissed an fight over things that other days seems silly. i over exaggerate or inaccurately depict the gravity of something until its too late, it usually depends on where i am on the rollocoaster ride. i fail to appropriately asses an act proportionally to that which circumstance would ask of me. from this, it is the reason why people look at me like im a nut. this is a look i have grown irritated an just would like to see less of.  i want to change this.  to do this i must be balanced, stable enough to respond, but there is a time frame which you have to respond as well.  


there is also a pressing force inside me at times, where intelligent wise people would hold their tongues an not say anything further or at all but just grips my heart, mind, tounge mouth, an just comes out in words, causing a shit storm, destroying the moral of everyone as well. if i could silence this shit head inside me that seizes the wheel from me an wrecks my life.





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