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someone's trying to hack my email?!?

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Report it to Yahoo. Try forwarding the emails to something like "security@yahoo.com" -- not sure of the exact address.

Go in (don't follow any links in the emails, they could be fakes) and change your password to something strong, to be on the safe side.

It's possible it's just a mistake; someone with an address similar to yours is confused and trying to reset what they think is your password.

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Thank you jt! I did not click on anything in the message.

I tried to report it to yahoo but I can't find a way to do it from my mobile device. I guess I will try to do it from my desktop later. 

Though the messages have stopped now, and all seems okay with my account.Maybe it was just someone trying to log in to their own account but mixed up the username like in_media_res  said.

I sure hope so cause it was creepy 



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I get those with old hotmail and yahoo accounts every now and again. In my case they are legit. Could be someone from the past trying their luck with a guessed password, could be a mistake. Doesn't worry me too much as there's nothing in them I care much about anyone knowing, but just changing your password/security questions to something you've never used before should make the account as secure as the average person needs.

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Thanks so much, lost.

I have a feeling the 9 emails I got that day were legit, and that it was someone from my past too.

Thank goodness it stopped, at 9, that day. My account seems okay.I forgot to change my password though,so I will do that today.Thanks for reminding me cause I forgot I started this topic!


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Well actually. ...For the past few days my phone doesn't give me notifications that I'm getting new yahoo messages. 

I tried to uninstall the app & reinstall it and turned on and off the settings in yahoo so that's weird. 

But I checked the new reviews at the Google play store, about yahoo, and other people were complaining of the same thing.So hopefully that's just an issue with the app, not my actual email account.

I've gotta think of a password...like now ! Darn. I hate changing it, and coming up with something new, complicated, & also memorable. 


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Glad to help for once here. Try this for a password: Think of a lyric from a reasonably obscure song that sticks in your head then write it out as an acronym with the last two digits of the year you first heard it or associate it with in reverse on the end. And make any verbs capital letters. You get the idea. Maybe only works if you're an incurable music obsessive as I am.

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