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Can't stop, depression will eat me

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It's been awhile since I've felt quite like this. Maybe it's a mixed episode?

When I am still and not interacting fairly actively with someone else, I start to feel miserable. So I've got this relentless urge to go, go, go or do, do, do.

I've never baked with my kids. Wrong or right, the idea has always intimidated me. Today, though, I spent all day baking with them. (We only have one baking sheet.)

I've been sitting down for 10 minutes, and I feel the miserable mood seeping in. 

This feels more like a blog post, but I know VE mentioned that it'd be nice if we put things on the regular board, so here I am. 

Anyone ever experience this feeling? I had it once before, and I made some extremely bad choices (but one of them resulted in the birth of my oldest son, so I can't complain too much!)

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I get like this when I'm a bit depressed and alone for a long time.  I'm miserable, but want to be out - but don't like other people, just my husband.  I like to go out with him.  But then I'm a bit of an extrovert.  

I'm not sure it's mixed, it could just be your body knowing what you need to do to not be depressed.  Dunno though.

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That's what I thought at first. Not really sure. I'd love to be able to beat this. I've only done it once before.

ETA I just need to remember not to fall into depression habits: Netflix binging and video game obsessing. 

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