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so my new pdoc officially diagnosed GAD instead of OCD. i don't really have any overt compulsions anymore. so yay, progress?? not really, GAD is just as bad. but anyway, i have been noticing i do little tiny compulsions still. like when i leave a room, after i turn the lights out i touch the light switch a couple times until i'm "sure" it's really turned all the way off. it seems too small to really be an issue. my only concern is that it could develop back into full blown ocd again. what do you guys think? are these just the normal kinds of things people do, like the "i'm so ocd, lol" kind of compulsions, or are they just waiting to turn back into the real thing? mostly i'm just wondering if most normal non-MI type people do these little things.

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Idk the answer to your question, but I can relate to this ... one thing I do is when I dry the utensils, I dry them with the towel, then have to touch each end of the utensil on a dish cloth and then my tongue has to flip back.  I have no idea how it all started, except to say that it started gradually and by the time I realized it, I couldn't stop.  I have a lot of other little things I do, but I don't recognize them until they are happening.  I have been diagnosed with a kind of OCD ... has to do with ruminating obsessional thinking. I'd bring up the little things to my pdoc, but for me there are other important things to talk about.

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