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Suboxone as Anti-depressant

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I recently started Suboxone for a substance abuse problem.  Now, I've tried a bunch of different meds over the past several years with little to no effect on my mood.  The Suboxone is different though.  For the first time in decades, literally, I feel 'normal'.  I've read up on it a little and it turns out there has been a little research on the subject and there is some evidence of it's efficacy as an AD.  It's not typically used for that, though, because of the class of drug it is.  In fact, unless the patient has a very liberal pdoc or a co-morbid opiate addiction, it's unlikely to be prescribed.  That said, I fall pretty firmly in the latter category and, as a result, have wound up with it in my medicine cabinet.  I was just curious if anyone out there has had experience with it and, if so, how does it fare as a long-term solution to depression?

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I've worked in the substance abuse field for a couple years, and from my experiences, it seems to be a modestly effective antidepressant for many patients. It certainly is useful for patients with dual diagnoses, as you said.

if your interested, the drug company Alkermes is in the process of developing antidepressants similar to (and even partly containing) buprenorphine, but without the addiction potential and with more antidepressant "oomph". Here's the link.

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I started using Soboxone (unprescribed) because it gave me an energy boost like no other. I was like...this is what it feels like to not have depression! It was amazing.


In reality, I don't know if I was just getting high from it because I wasn't used to opioids or what. After a few months it lost it's affect. My energy is worse than ever and I am addicted to Subs (now prescribed). 


I would do anything to go back to how it made me feel. 

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