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Not having sex drive affected my stability

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I know this is not something new and for sure many of you had this issue before anyway since I started taking meds my libido went from top to non existent. I keep telling my pdoc that this is very important thing to me and it has affected my life so much but he only cares about my bipolar stability and he refused to give me something to increase libido, now I feel so depressed and can't do anything, believe me folks if I see an attractive girl on television and I don't feel absolutely nothing I turn off the tv right away. and when I get out from the house I choose to walk in a place where girls won't be there. i always wish that it will come back soon so i can have my life back. so does anyone with bipolar have no sex drive ? did it affect your life and stability ? thank you.

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Maybe it's the meds you're on? I don't know about all of them, but some meds can do a real number on your sex drive.

Are you coming down from a manic episode? Being manic kicks a lot of people into libido overdrive. If so, you might feel undersexed in comparison.

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