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clonazepam question

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I ran out of clonazepam(klonopin),and can't get a refill for at least 24 hours, but i found an old bottle I had thats a year old,that says i should have discarded it 4 months ago

can any one tell me if theirs any danger in taking old medication, I understand its not professional medical advice just wondering if any ones taken old pills and if they worked?

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Taking expired medication generally isn't a safe idea due to the potential chemical breakdown or degradation of the drugs. Some of the breakdown products of medicines aren't metabolised well by the body and can be more harmful than the original medication. Keep in mind I'm not a pharmacist, just a crazy on the internet who has his degree in chemistry.

A good example of this would be aspirin. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) breaks down into acetic acid and salicylic acid. One of those products is vinegar and the other is something you use to try to prevent acne breakouts on your face and generally isn't ingested. 

Again, if you have more concerns, ask a pharmacist. But there are definitely risks to taking expired medications and it's highly not recommended

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It really depends on the pharmacy. Many of them used to, but it became more costly to dispose of them properly when people figured out the magnitude of what was going on.

Police departments often have an annual "drug take back" day.

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8 hours ago, jarn said:

Cheese, here they do, but I recently found out that's not necessarily the case in the US.  Other members here might have suggestions if you're in a place pharmacies don't.  

In my area, the pharmacy will not take them back for any reason.  After they are handed to the person, they won't take them back.  The police station here takes them back.  I just walk in and put them in a "mailbox" type thing, and the meds are gone.  Otherwise I have been told to grind them up with coffee grounds or cat litter.

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