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I'm sorry you feel that way. When I was hospitalized I also felt no hope. I got into an argument with the psychiatrist in the hospital because to me there was hope and there was concrete hope. Just hope is basically a generalized faith that things will turn out for the better which at the time I didn't want to hear. Concrete hope is hope with a reason such as a job interview (hope for a job) or something like that. All the doctor wanted to say was that things would turn out without any reason to back it up, and I wanted (needed) concrete hope.

Since then I realized that I must make my own concrete reasons to have hope. So if I want Y to be better then I will take X steps to make it happen. This is basically the way I get through life now. I don't have any expectations on anyone except myself because if I expect something from others or from "fate" then I am invariably disappointed. When people do do something then I am pleasantly surprised. 

Not sure what my point is here ... just trying to tell you what I've been through in coming to terms with the concept of hope.


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