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Lets assume Abilify and prozac are taken together. Prozac is known to increase the blood levels of abilify. If i take 10mg of Abilify, how much would blood levels of Abilify will be increased if its taken with prozac ?

Wiki page says Bioavailability of abilify is 87%. So that means if just take a single abilify 10mg drug, i will only absorb 8.7mg, right ? Now after only absorbing 8.7mg, i combine abilify with prozac, how much would 8.7mg will be increased to ? WIll 8.7mg become - 10mg, 12mg, 15mg or something else ? I'm confused how much can prozac increase abilifys blood levels.

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With something like this, I'd talk to your pdoc or pharmacist about it.  I used to take Abilify and Prozac together for a very long time and everything was fine when I went off the prozac.  I'm NOT saying it is like this for everyone, just saying it had no effect on me.  All people are different and the bioavailability for someone might be different for someone else.

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