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clonazepam replacement/detox (?)

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I'm giving this website a go since it looks almost impossible to find a non-biased answer. Websites tend to go from 'it's not the pill' to 'all hail Ashton'.

I was prescribed the drug clonazepam (Klonopin, Rivotril) 2 mg single daily dose about 8 years ago. For muscle rigidity after an injury. The original doctor is no longer available. I am 100 % physically dependent on the drug.  I've tried a fast taper, a slow taper, just not a super-slow taper. There is no way my body can adapt quickly. At this point the drug makes me ill. Long story.

Diazepam is just not working, I have tried. Way too different. It seems I would need a replacement to 'carry the weight', so to speak. Diazepam cannot do that, I suspect the same goes for Librium. Which makes a solution very hard. Is there any 'high potency' benzo that can 'carry the weight' of a serious drug like clonazepam ? Docs have played a very dangerous game with my health.

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Since the original DR is no longer available, are you seeing another DR (psychiatrist, specifically)?  I think this is a great question to bring up with a psychiatrist (pdoc) because they know meds and how they work.  Some do therapy as well as meds, but a lot of psychiatrists just do the medication part.  It is all they do.  So asking one IMO would really be helpful.

(Pharmacists also know meds, but they can't prescribe ... pdocs can prescribe).

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We're not doctors/prescribers here.  You should find a doctor you trust (even if it's a GP) and get their input. 

What exactly are you taking this for anyways?  Muscle rigidity or something related to mental illness?

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My pdoc only makes changes to meds every two months when I see him.  I have been coming of of seroquel for 8 months.  He says that a slow taper over months is less likely to cause a relapse.  We dont want that!

Anyways, maybe a goal of 1 year or more might work for you if you want to come off of it.

good luck!

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