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So, I took Ritalin

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I am so hopeless and desperate to feel any relief so I'm starting myself on Ritalin again. The other option is attempting suicide at this point to be frank. I may or may not tell tdoc all of this. I realize I will run out of it eventually and I have no refills. It was prescribed by sleep dr for hypersomnia and narcolepsy initially. I don't think I'll get manic this time because of the higher dose of seroquel I'm on. 

This really is my only option at this point. Is this really so bad to do? I seriously can't think of any reason not to try this. 

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I think it is. I have ADHD and I can't touch any medication for it because it really really quickly vaults me into psychosis, and the really bad kind. Mixed states, skin crawling, really awful auditory hallucinations etc... 

Tell your doc now, your husband... anyone. You are more likely to end up committing suicide when out of the ballpark psychotic than you are at present.

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I don't think it is a good idea either to take the ritalin.  Regardless if you have a reaction or not when you take the extra ritalin, when the extras run out, IMO most likely you'll be in worse shape and feeling worse than now.  I would tell your DR what is going on.  (pdoc could help you wean off or give you something else that might help).  I would tell your pdoc when the office opens tomorrow.  I would not like to hear that you had to go IP or something along those lines.

In the meantime though, I would tell your husband so he can take the pills away, and/or get you some help to make it through to Monday.

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