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Transitioning from Abilify to Latuda

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Hello Everyone,


  My Dr. is taking me off of Abilify because it is no longer covered under patients assistance and the generic is like 300$ without insurance. He is switching me to Latuda. I haven't started it yet but I will tonight. I have run out of my abilify so no way to cross taper. I'm kind of scared to start a new med. Any ideas of what it might be like to make the switch from abilify to latuda? I'm bummed bc Abilify has been a wonder drug for me and has gotten me through school. Any advice about switching or about latuda is welcome!


           Thank you!!

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I didn't go straight onto Latuda from Abilify, so I may not have the exact experience you're looking for, though I think I got taken off Abilify cold turkey (but maybe not, don't remember) and it was an easy discontinuation.  

Latuda was decent for my depression and psychosis, though it eventually pooped out on me.  I'm not sure what you're taking it for.  I took 40mg, then 80mg, then I got psychotic, went on 120mg, it didn't help, and I went off it.  

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