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I think divalproex is making me manic

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As I sit here typing this I just fished driving home from a friends through some country roads in a rather... Extreme way to say the least. No sense of fear or consequences when usually I'm careful to to repercussions of my action especially in the last 1.5 years. While actually only since 1.5 ago. Before I didn't care at all.

Now I'm running around the house like a mad man cleaning stuff at Mach 3 speeds. And I'v just gotten on the excersise bike and only been on for 10 min and the machine says 60 calories burnt in 10 min so in short im flying. I could more then likely do this for 5 hours straight if I wanted to. I feel like superman ready to crush something.

I just started divalproex after a year or 2 off trying meds due to numerous failures and extreme side effects. Currently I'm only at 250mg twice a day and in a week going up to 750 mg total throughout the day.

i also take 1.5mgs of clonazepam at which doesn't sedate me in the slightest. Works on the anxitey though.

Before this last www or two I was a depressed mostly now it seems I've gone nuts and depressed. Someone who could barely get off the couch to do my daily hour walk I made myself do suddenly today is back to mr extreme.

I'm still crazy depressed tho just manically (or what I lthink manically is)  feels like.

Could this be the meds?? I kinda like it. Just I hope no one on the street does something to me that isn't right or I'll land in prison I think.








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