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remeron / mirtazapine

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Did it work for you? What did you take it for? I'm hoping it'll help with depression and intrusive thoughts (OCD). 

Also, has remeron caused a hypo/manic episode for anyone here? Anti-depressants typically cause me at least agitation, if not mania, so I'm pretty worried about taking this stuff.

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I took Remeron (in fact just changed today for trazadone). 

I also took it with prozac and perhaps it was a combination of the two that did seem to make a few hypomanic episodes I had a lot more- I guess pronounced? Like I was uppity then an hour later I was a danger to myself. However I had taken these two medications for at least a year before I really started to see a problem. Also the only reason my GP changed my Remeron to Trazadone was because of the weight gain side effect. 

I found too that the remeron helped for sleeping but I quickly grew a tolerance for it and I don't think they prescribe over 30 mg- so if you build a tolerance for that dosage it's kind of run it's course for you. But that's just my experience  

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I take Remeron 45 mg, and I can't really say that it has done anything for me. Well, that's not true. It helps keep the Abilify insomnia in check. But as an antidepressant, it didn't help me. You can't go by me though. I don't really respond to any antidepressant except maybe citalopram, and I've tried nearly all except the newest.

From reading people's experiences around the net, it is generally very effective as an antidepressant and fairly well tolerated. The worst side effect is weight gain. The really bad sedation goes away after a few weeks. I can now take my dose during the day even. The key to limiting the munchies is to take your dose immediately before you go to bed (like when you are already in bed) so you sleep through the worst of it.

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