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Are These my Hands?

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I am putting this in the Bipolar forums cus its the one I identify with.  Not sure where else to put it. 

I have been having a distinct feeling that my hands are not mine.   Only when I look at them.  

I am typing right now and not looking at my hands and these are my hands.  

As an example: When I am driving and see my hands, I don't think they are mine. They don't look like mine.  It feels really weird.   It does not happened with any other part of my body, only my hands.

Its been going on for about a week.  Its really weird.

Anyone else have someone Else's  hands?  Or at least feel that way.


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This isn't exactly what you're asking, but leading up to and during my manic episode last month I had about two weeks of depersonalization. I felt like I was in a parallel universe. Lots of things looked just a bit off, but I couldn't quite place how, and I felt they were not actually the real manifestation of themselves in my universe. Sometimes faces appeared slightly distorted.

I don't know if this commonly comes with manic episodes or if my experience was unusual. Either way, something to mention to pdoc? 

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