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I was diagnosed with BP2 this week and am starting Trileptal.  I am scared to think about what will happen if this med doesn't work out.  So far, the brain fog and cognitive slowness are rather prominent.  Anyone stuck with Trileptal long term?  Despite the current hair loss and memory issues, I am hesitant to consider Lithium.

Maybe I am just posting to feel less afraid and alone...

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I've never taken Trileptal, but I do take its older brother Tegretol, and I've been on it for years. I guess I've been lucky and I really haven't had any cognitive problems or sedation from it though I do realize that it does have that potential in some people. Hair loss? Yeah, maybe. Big maybe. But I'm still not completely bald. Hah!

Tegretol is the glue that keeps my brain together. It is by far the most important med in my cocktail.

I hope the Trileptal works out for you the way Tegretol has for me.

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