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Can you mix lamotrigine with topiramate?

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is anyone on this combo? Can this even be done? If yes do both drugs somehow influence each other, like blood levels?

And what can you tell me about topiramate in terms of side effects? Is it more dangerous than lamotrigine?

I am taking lamotrigine for unipolar depression. I am at 200mg now but I feel like it's not doing anything.


Since I already tried most modern antidepressants and also one TCA (anafranil) and none worked I felt like I gotta try something else.

My many issues:

GAD, depression, OCD,

I also have ADD.

edit: Just read the side effects of Topiramate in another thread. It doesn't seem right for me at all.


Any other suggestions what I might try or add to Lamotrigine?

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It can be done ... awhile back I was on both lamictal and topamax and didn't have any negative side effects except the "pins and needles" feeling in my wrists, hands, feet and ankles.  Nothing big though. 

I'm sot sure if they can affect each others blood levels.  When I was taking them I wasn't having blood levels done with either of them. 

It is hard to say which med is more dangerous, because every med could be potentially dangerous to anyone.  BUT, that said, IMO, I would say that if I were to not take one of the meds anymore it would be the lamictal.

You might not feel the full benefit of the lamictal for up to 6-8 weeks, for each time you go up in dose.  So if you went on 0.25 mg, you might need to wait the 6-8 weeks to see how you feel.  Then the next 25 mg, the same thing.  Some people have reactions sooner than that though.

There are lots of meds out there to try, as well as many combinations (I don't have suggestions right now, but others might chime in with some).  I hope you find ones that work for you soon.

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Hello but the topiramate side effects seem to be really bad according to what I read here in a few threads.

I also have psychopharmacology books which list the side effects and they also sound really bad. :(

Especially the memory impairment is bad cause I am a student and cannot afford to take something which could make me forget stuff. This sucks.

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One thing to know is that you do have some room to go up on the lamictal, if you think that might help instead (I want to say 300 mg is fairly common still--much higher than that is usually reserve for epilepsy).

I currently take a regular dose of lamictal (200) and a small dose of topamax (50 mg).  I have not had ANY side effects with topamax.  I was also significantly concerned in advance, but my doctor made gearhead's point that you never know until you try.  I don't know i the lack of side effects is due to the low dose of what exactly.  But I honestly haven't had any, including the horrific cognitive ones.  As a point of reference, I work in a full time in a professionl field (think business, law, etc.)

On your other question of what other meds could be taken, there's a really long list.  It would probably be helpful to know what specific symptoms you're trying to target (even as basic as depression versus mania, but more specific would be better). Different drugs are better for different things

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27 minutes ago, crtclms said:

400mg lamictal is technically the upper limit for bipolar illness; that is what I take. But I have had levels done, and I don't absorb it well. So I can go up to 600mg if necessary.

I'm in the same situation.  I am still taking 400 mg, but have found I don't absorb it well either and have enough to increase to 600 mg if I need to.

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