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Adderall vs Vyvanse


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I am taking Vyvanse for ADD. I tried 30mg and 60mg.

I feel like it doesn't really do much in terms of concentration, motivation.

I also tried Ritalin LA in the past up to 40mg (single dose) it only made me jittery.

I heard many times that Adderall is much better than Vyvanse and it gives you a real boost. Is this true?

This sucks cause where I live we don't have Adderall. Adderall is 75:25 dextro vs levo.

We only have amphetamine syrup which is 50:50 and this isn't good. This is too much levo and levo is responsible

for heart side effects. :(

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Adderall is a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts; 75% of its contents are dextroamphetamine, which is the active ingredient in Vyvanse. D-amphetamine is the centrally acting version, meaning it provides concentration, focus, decreased distractibility, increased energy, etc. The remaining 25% of amphetamine in Adderall (called L-amphetamine) is peripherally acting, meaning it makes you shakey, for example. If anything Adderall brings in an more "physical" piece in that it can make you "feel" stimulated, but this isn't usually desirable; Vyvanse is a smoother ride, and perhaps because of this it doesn't feel as intense as Adderall XR can. Having tried both, I personally found Vyvanse to be more tolerable and better for focus sans the jittery anxiety that I got from Adderall XR. I really didn't like Adderall.

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I read often times that people prefer adderall to vyvanse cause it gives them a "boost".

this sucks. we dont have adderall where i live. we only have amphetamine syrup which contains 50 dex and 50 levo and this is a lot of levo.

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