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Hey. I've never posted before, but here it goes. I have been on Lexapro for 10 years. I'm on 20 mg. Apparently it has pooped out on me and doc are going to try Zoloft, which I was on as a teen (I am now 33). We are doing a cross taper. I have MDD and panic disorder. I'm terrified of cross tapering, but know I can't wean and start another. I go nuts and I have to work full time and support a family. I need positive words about cross tapering because everything I read is scary as hell. Terrified of serotonin syndrome. 

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I've cross tapered, but not ADs (but I'm bipolar and have only been on two).  I've cross tapered all sorts of AAPs - like everyone I've ever been on - and this year I cross tapered Lithium and Pristiq, so there was a risk of serotonin syndrome, but I was fine.  

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