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This is a long shot, but... anyone have experience with Zyprexa after having weight-loss surgery?

I took Zyprexa several years ago now, and gained more than 100lbs over the course of it.  It was a phenomenal drug for my symptoms, but ultimately I had to go off of it because of the weight gain.

I'm currently experiencing some breakthrough psychosis symptoms, and pdoc (a different pdoc than the original prescriber) wants to put me back on a small dose, to curb the psychosis and to help me sleep.  I take 600mg of Seroquel XR which is about my functional max. 

I had Lap-Band 2 years ago and have done really well.  Since my stomach/pouch is now smaller and I fill up fast, wondering if the hunger would be easier to manage.

I don't have a ton of other options.  I'm very nervous about trying new drugs after a tumultuous year in switches that landed me in IP, back on the trusty Seroquel, and took a year of my life.  

Thanks :)

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