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Valporic Acid & Quietipine

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I've been takin

1000mg of valporic acid(anti manic on therapeutic dose) and 200 mg of quietipine ...for two weeks and the only improvement I had was my appetite

I'm going through a bad depressed episode, is there any hope. I've ended up 3 times in A&E because I've made attempts on my life even while I've been IP

Is there any hope?

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There is hope, StJimmy. It can just take a while to find the right cocktail. I was honestly about give up when I found Doxepin, which has done wonders for my mood. And now it looks like it has SEs that I can't deal with, so I don't know what I'll do. But don't give up on the med-go-round. I hope you find the right med combo quickly. That does happen sometimes. Zyprexa was my second Rx for mania, and it works wonderfully. So yes, there is hope. Good luck to you!

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There is hope, but as Flash said, it can take a while to find the right cocktail. I am not bipolar, but I took valporic acid (Depakote here), and all it did was make me more depressed and eat everything that literally wasn't nailed down. The mood stabiliser that keeps me from becoming too depressed is Tegretol. It has worked wonders for me, but I'm not saying it will do the same for you since we all react differently to meds.

If you find yourself becoming more depressed or are questioning one or both of your meds, talk to your doctor. It's your life and you deserve good treatment. 

My cocktail is perhaps the best cocktail that I've EVER had, and it has taken most of my life to find it. Basically what works for me is an antidepressant + an atypical antipsychotic + an anticonvulsant. Again, I can't say it would work for you, but it has been magic for me. 

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I've been on both. Quetiapine is a really good drug. Just a non-medical professional thought, 200mg seems rather low to me. When I was really unwell they bumped me up to 600 at night with 200 through out the day as needed for PRN. I guess 200 gives you moving room to go upwards.

Valporic Acid can be really good for use in mixed episodes in some people. Didn't help mine, but that's what I've heard. Made me gain some weight, but less so than quetiapine. Still would take quetiapine regardless.

Anyway, just keep trying and trying and trying. Most people find something that works eventually. It doesn't happen overnight and there are a lot of failed medications along the way. If you you end up treatment resistant and don't respond well to most medication (which doesn't come until you've tried pretty much everything), they still have other options after that too. I'm in that particular group, but I believe medication still keeps me functioning around home enough to enjoy life.

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Its weird because my IP pdoc (who only sees me once a week) said that if these meds don't work he'll consider removing my bipolar diagnosis and go for the BPD diagnosis (no meds then, in the UK they don't medicate people for personality disorders much, other than ADs which are poison to me).

The thing is when I was an outpatient my pdoc when I saw him for the first time tried to diagnose me with BPD when I was on a low, I had stopped my my meds earlier while manic ( he decreased them before that without seeing me and I couldn't sleep hence I went manic). The thing is I saw a BPD specialist and I barely fit any criteria, my self injurious behaviour almost always needs stiches, its only when I'm depressed and its to do with suicidal thoughts. I never do it to cope.

I'm afraid that if the meds won't work, he'll take me off them completely and make me do just therapy, and the next time I wont have any hope in the horizon and I'll end up killin myself for good. I cant talk to my IP doc about these worries because I don't want him to think I'm fixated about diagnoses and treatment (give him more reason to think its PD when its not). The crisis team when I was admitted put me in a recovery ward and there is a complete lack of assessment so they will not see that Im actually depressed even if I tell em. When I did see the pdoc here he said we just treat the symptoms we don't assess

There is a trend with doctors to swap diagnoses to PD because its cheaper to treat in the long run. There are people here with schizophrenia and they have been through this PD dubacle when they don't have PD. Pdocs take people of their meds, slap a PD diagnosis and send them home and guess where they end up, in psych wards again and again.

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Not unless you want to spend thousands of pounds I don't think you can... there isn't insurance like in the States.

Plus there are much fewer private hospitals so you are more likely to end up IP in an NHS hospital, where you can be reassessed and that label put back on you again.

One of the best things about leaving the UK for me was that you didn't get the BPD label slapped on you so easily. If you have it, then fine, but it is over-used, and dangerously so.

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Update: The quietipine is at 400mg and its been 4 weeks since I've been takin the pills. I'm a different man, I can feel it. There's a hint of sadness but I'm more motivated now.

If I keep this up and become 100%, maybe in 6-12 month time they'll drop the BPD label.

It is my understanding that it takes years to start to recover from BPD and its still there. Where as bipolar, if you take your pills, its like bipolar isn't even there anymore.

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